Monday, March 18, 2019

A Change Is in the Wind

For days I have thought about how to word exactly what I wanted to write. My eyes have grown tired from computer screens and such and I feel a change in the wind is here.

The Master Gardener is working, pruning, watering, and tilling the soil of my heart. My roots have become crowded and reaching toward the light has been hindered by my own selfish motives. The Master Gardener patiently and lovingly waits for me to be still.

I will continue writing but I want it to be different.   I won't be writing everyday. The strain on my eyes has me avoiding spending much time at all on the computer. I must be wise.

I prefer keeping in touch via snail mail and if you so desire and if I do not already have your address, please feel free to send it to me in the comment form in the left side bar and please do include your email address as well so I recognize who is who.

You can find my writing here.

Blessings xo