Friday, December 23, 2016

Not a Creature Was Stirring Except For a Mouse

This sweet little mouse has been visiting us for Christmas.  Her name is Miss Mousey and she is a country mouse.

Miss Mousey and I are working on some stories to share with everyone after the holidays.

And speaking of mice...

Christmas mice are scurrying here and there.  Christmas mice are everywhere ~ especially on my Christmas cards.

I love these little festive mice.

I started with stamping the images and then colored them with watercolor pencils.  I added a green border and then fixed onto the candy cane card stock.

Another little mouse inside the card. I love the little star on his tail!

A little caroler mouse serenades us on the front of the envelope.

I love to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you do.  It is delightful!

One of the first songs is about Ebenezer Scrooge and there are the most darling mice singing.

When a cold wind blows it chills you
Chills you to the bone
But there's nothing in nature that freezes your heart
Like years of being alone

It paints you with indifference
Like a lady paints with rouge
And the worst of the worst, the most hated and cursed
Is the one that we call Scrooge
Unkind as any, and the wrath of many
This is Ebenezer Scrooge

Oh, there goes Mr. Humbug
There goes Mr. Grim
If they gave a prize for being mean
The winner would be him
Old Scrooge, he loves his money
Cause he thinks it gives him power
If he became a flavour you can bet he would be sour

There goes Mr. Skinflint
There goes Mr. Greed
The undisputed master of the underhanded deed
He charges folks a fortune for his dark and drafty houses
Us poor folk live in misery
It's even worse for mouses
(Please sir, I want some cheese)

He must be so lonely, he must be so sad
He goes to extremes to convince us he's bad
He's really a victim of fear and of pride
Look close and there must be a sweet man inside
(Nah . . . uh uh)

There goes Mr. Outrage
There goes Mr. Sneer
He has no time for friends or fun
His anger makes that clear
Don't ask him for a favour cause his nastiness increases
No crust of bread for those in need
No cheeses for us meeces

There goes Mr. Heartless
There goes Mr. Cruel
He never gives, he only takes
He lets his anger rule
If being mean's a way of life you practice and rehearse
Then all that work is paying off, cause Scrooge is getting worse
Every day in every way
Scrooge is getting worse


  1. You are so talented Gina...I always look forward to receiving a handmade card from you!!

    1. Thank you, Arlene. It took me a while to do them all. I was happy to send them off!

  2. I just love Miss Mousey, too cute and your mice card is so fun, love the paper you chose to use with them.
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!!

    1. Thank you Connie. I love paper that has that worn look to it. Merry Christmas!


We all have our “good old days” tucked away inside our hearts, and we return to them in dreams like cats to favorite armchairs. ~ B. Carter