Monday, January 2, 2017

Miss Peggy

As previously stated in the Gray Dame Society page, the Gray Dame Society meets on a regular basis at Riverwind Cottage. The founding members are Miss Peggy, Mrs Marge, Miss Dot, Miss Kathleen, and Miss Georgiana. Let me introduce you to each of the Dames one at a time as it’s best that way.

Miss Peggy, also known as Margaret, considers herself the moderator of the group. And as with most everything else, there is much debate on who the final authority is in the Society. Still, the Dames, hoping for some semblance of order, allow Miss Peggy to believe she is in charge.

Miss Peggy is married but prefers the title Miss as she fancies herself 80 years young. Her husband’s name I can not recall and neither can Peggy most of the time. He stays inside and prefers his comfortable recliner to Miss Peggy’s adventures.

Miss Peggy is a member of high standing in her local parish. She devotes some of her time to working with the homeless and helping care for the widows.

I am not certain what Miss Peggy did in her lifetime before she “retired”. She doesn’t like to speak of it.

I shall end her introduction here as I know she would not wish me to go on and on about her.