Friday, January 13, 2017

Mrs Marge

You've met Miss Peggy.  I'd like to introduce you to Mrs Marge, another member of the Gray Dame Society.

Mrs Marge is the oldest member of the Society.  Oldest and wisest as Mrs Marge would say.  There is some truth to that but I would be so bold to say oldest and wiseguy-est.  Mrs Marge had connections.

Mrs Marge is Italian like ITALIAN Italian.  She grew up in Brooklyn, NY in the early 1930's.  Boy, those were the days! (to hear Mrs Marge speak about them).  Everyone knew everyone. Though the neighborhood was poor, it was share and share alike.
I love listening to Marge's stories.

Mrs Marge was married long ago, was widowed several years later, and never married again.  She raised her brood of children with the help of her family.  Being a working mother in those days was very challenging.  Marge has never been one to back down from what needed to be done.

Mrs Marge is a delightful and valuable member of the Society. And she is an excellent cook.  She has been known to show up at your doorstep with a pan of homemade lasagna or pot of Pasta e fagioli.  Mrs Marge is the real deal.