Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Prayer Request

I had hoped to blog everyday but plans change. I took Little Bear to the vet today. I've been concerned about this lump on her back leg. After doing a needle biopsy, the doctor told me that it is not a cyst but a tumor. She will be having surgery Friday morning. The doctor will remove the tumor and send it to the lab to see if it is benign or malignant. If all goes well with the surgery, Little Bear will be home Friday afternoon with antibiotics and pain medication.

She isn't in any pain or discomfort. She is eating well though a bit tired. I will keep you updated on how the surgery goes.

I'm doing my best not to worry and just give it all to God. If you have a few free moments, would you please pray for her? Thank you.


  1. Hi~

    Already done. These little friends are just like our children, much love to you and Little Bear.

    Hugs and Love,

  2. Thinking of you as well Gina...I know how much your little friend means to you.

  3. Praying and sending big hugs!!


  4. Will pray for Little Bear and for you too, so scary. We love our animals so much! They really are like part of our family. Many times the Lord has touched our animals. I will believe with you that the Lord will touch her!

  5. Awww Gina, prayers will be said for Little Bear and for you, too. Love and God bless you.

  6. God bless you, dear friends. Thank you for praying.

  7. Seeing this just now, sorry I am behind on my visiting of blogs, so sorry to hear about this, may God bring you peace as you await the results, prayers for healing.


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