Friday, February 10, 2017

Bits and Pieces

I am always on the look out for enchanting items to place in my flower garden.

I saw this handsome rabbit atop a turtle online.  I ordered him along with two different rabbit riders.  Two of them arrived safe and sound.  This one did not.  His head had broken clean off.  So tragic!

I contacted the online company and they refunded the price of the item and gave me an additional $5 credit to apply to my next order.  I'm hoping a good bit of glue will fix this gentleman bunny.

My new stove/oven arrived this afternoon ~ badly damaged.  

We refused to accept it and that was that.  My husband and I are driving to the big city tomorrow to look at different models of stoves/ovens.  We will go with different appliance store.  There really is no reason the appliance today was in such shoddy shape.  Thankfully, the delivery men opened the new box and showed us what the problems were before they moved our old stove/oven out.  We will be getting a refund for the purchase.

We will remain oven~less until further notice.


  1. I'm so sorry about your bunny gentleman as well as your oven/range. Both make me sad. Trusting that you will find exactly what you are looking for tomorrow when you and your hubby drive to the city to look over the stove/ovens that are available.

  2. Oh no. I am glad you are getting refunds. Bless you this weekend.

  3. Very disappointing, but sadly it seems it is quite common these days for things to arrive in a poor state. Hope you find what you need in the store.

  4. Great customer service from one company and poor service from the other. One of the things i loved about our contractor for Grimmwood was his attention to detail. Every time he told me something would be done it was. Frankly I was surprised as it is not the norm these days.

  5. So sad about the bunny, and more importantly, your stove! I hope you can find something today that will work for you! Bunny will be glued just fine, but harder not having a stove! I would miss mine very much! Hugs to you today :)

  6. Oh dear Gina, not a happy week with the breakages but a nice gesture on behalf of the bunny people.


  7. Thank you ladies! The bunny's head has been glued to his body and he looks rather dapper. We did order an oven/stove on Saturday and it should arrive on Wednesday. Let's hope it arrives in excellent "new" shape!

  8. Oh I am so sorry to hear your oven was brought to you in bad shape, so thankful that hadn't removed your older one first like they usually do. Good luck with whomever you go with next.


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