Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Happy Little Seedlings

My flower garden is growing slowly but surely... inside!

Last year, we purchased the larger Ultra AeroGarden by Miracle-Gro from Costco.  We grew seven different plants ~ herbs and cherry tomatoes.  You can just leave them in the AeroGarden and harvest from there but we decided that once they were "old enough" we would plant them in our vegetable garden outside.  It was wonderful to have fresh herbs and tomatoes spring through early autumn.

Not too long ago, AeroGarden was having a big sale and we purchased two smaller Sprout AeroGardens.  Each holds three pods to garden.  This year, I chose three different flower seed kits.

Spring Flowers Garden: Random stock flowers containing red, white, lavender, and purple blooms

Lots of Lavender Garden: Purple Elegance Lavender

English Cottage Garden: Pink Snapdragons, Purple Snapdragons, Cherry Dianthus, and Purple Lavender

The English Cottage Garden kit comes with seven seed pods and those are growing in the larger AeroGarden.

I love watching the little seedlings grow. The AeroGarden alerts me when I need to add water or nutrients to the flowers. The LED lighting system run automatically for sixteen hours a day. My flowers are basking in the light. Happy little seedlings make a happy mama.


  1. You will enjoy your flowers when they are ready to transplant and give you beautiful blooms all summer as you were last year with the herbs and tomatoes, Gina. Lovely!

    1. Dianna, I may or may not transplant them. You can actually keep them growing in the Aerogardens. I am hoping to have fresh flowers to enjoy for many months to come. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Chrissy, it is so fun to see them grow and their roots are very interesting too.

  3. Cool, I have not seen one of these bases that grow plants and have the lights for them, it looks like a better system than the little pots, it must be fun to get them started already, I can't wait to get to gardening it has been so rainy here it has been hard to get out there and get the garden prepared.

    1. Connie, they remind me of those plant systems on scifi shows. :-)


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