Thursday, March 2, 2017

Listening Well

Yesterday's quote was not my own.  I found it online somewhere with no credit to an author.  I'm not sure who originally wrote it. Today I have added a little more to the quote.

a humble soul listens well
discerns what is truth and what is not

It is sad to say that sometimes women just accept what they are told by others who they deem having authority over them.  This applies to men as well but I'm writing about women in particular.  I've read quite a few blogs lately where women believe that they are second to men before God.  And that leads into the whole patriarchy deception.  How I want to just invite those ladies over for a cup of coffee or tea and tell them that they are equal to their husbands before God.  They are treasured and loved as much as any man.

No one should have to stay in a situation where they are abused. Amen? Amen!  Yet, I read where women reach out for "guidance" and are told that as Christian women that they must have done something wrong.

I even read...  (Now if you have known me for a while, this will come as no surprise to you why this upsets me so.) that if a woman was sexually abused (even as a child), that it was a long time ago and she is at fault (sinning) for the past abuse affecting her in any way now.  The abused woman is at fault for allowing the abuse to traumatize her.  That is what I read and it made me very angry.

There's more but I don't have the heart to tell you how messed up some of these "teachings" are.  I don't usually get up on a soapbox but I just couldn't remain silent.

Dear Sisters, I pray that you will find the freedom that is in Christ.  I pray that you will know how precious you are to Him.  I pray for His comfort and truth to touch you and to empower you to live as daughters of the King.

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  1. Gina, could we be next door neighbors? You are such a blessing and I am so glad that you have shared your heart here today. There truly is a lot of messed up teaching going on in this world.

    How did/is physical therapy going? I've been praying for you.


    1. Dianna, oh I wish we were next door neighbors! Thank you. My arm is better today. The workout wasn't too rough but my arm was sore awhile afterwards.

  2. It hurts me when people are told things that ruin their whole life.


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