Saturday, March 4, 2017

Miss Kathleen

You've met Miss Peggy and Mrs Marge. I'd like to introduce you to Miss Kathleen, another member of the Gray Dame Society.

Miss Kathleen is a very memorable character and addition to the Gray Dame Society.  Picture a tall beautiful Irish woman dressed to the nines no matter where she was or what time of day it may be. One would never guess that Miss Kathleen is in her seventies. She is a master makeup artist ~ a gift which comes in handy more often that not in Society work.

Miss Kathleen's beauty and persona are intoxicating.  When she enters a room, all eyes are on her.  It is rather remarkable that she joined the Society.  I suppose there are only so many committees or gardening one can attend to.  Miss Kathleen was looking for a purpose and she found one in the Gray Dame Society.