Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Day at the Fair

Today, my husband and I spent time at the fair.  The temperatures were in the 90's and I didn't stay as long as my husband.  He stayed the entire time because he took part in one of the booths there. No, not a kissing booth!  The Photography Club for our county had a booth at the Crafts Fair/Arts Festival.

My husband sold one of his framed nature photographs and received a couple of orders for different sizes of photographs.  He had some great photographs that he took during the eclipse.

I enjoyed visiting all the booths.  I was happy that there wasn't a single Paper Craft booth.  Happy why?  Because I am planning to hit the Craft Fair circuit next year and I want a monopoly on the Paper Craft industry in my area.  Bwahahahaha...

Almost every booths' items were very pricey, in my opinion. Jewelry was at least $75+.  There were also various chotchkies but nothing I really wanted or could afford (again $50+ or more). Paintings and photograph were expensive but that didn't surprise me. I think my cards, journals, and little boxes/crates would have sold well. Generally homemade cards sell for roughly $3-$5 each, journals close to $10, and the other paper items reasonably priced depending on what they are.

Do you enjoy going to Craft Fairs/Art Festivals?


  1. Replies
    1. Arlene, I think the only thing I saw that I might want to make were these yard stake things which looked like a pretty dinner plate as the first layer, a dessert plate as the second layer, and then a tea cup as the third layer. All vertical on the metal stake. Didn't look too hard to do. They were priced $45+.

  2. Sounds like your hubby did very well, I agree some of those places sell things that only those with a lot of money can afford, it would be nice to have a booth that actually had items that were affordable!

    1. Connie, I agree. Maybe the Arts Festival label meant $$$? I need to find a simpler venue.


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