Saturday, October 28, 2017

Who I Would Choose

In yesterday's post, I asked

Who would you choose to spend a quiet foggy morning by the lake with? (No choosing family or friends) What would you talk about? Would you enjoy an early morning breakfast?

I loved everyone's answers!

I asked my husband this question and he said he'd like to sit next to George Washington.  He said he wouldn't eat anything with President Washington because he wouldn't want to embarrass him since he (George) didn't have real teeth.  It was painful for him to eat.

Here is who I would choose and why

My first thought was, as some commented, Jesus.  Except I already talk to him every day and do my best to listen.  I feel His presence and His comfort.   If I were to sit next to him "in person" then  I would never want Him to leave.  I wouldn't want to stay here.  I'd want to go with Him when it was time for Him to leave.

I also thought about just sitting alone and soaking in the quiet and the beauty.  I'd have a big cup of hot steaming coffee to keep me cozy and warm.

I finally decided that I'd like to spend a quiet foggy morning by the lake with Beatrix Potter.  We'd exchange delightful stories that we've written and imagine new ones together.  I think we'd have tea and scones.


  1. Yes, you and Beatrix Potter would be excellent conversationalists, sitting there on that pretty bench. You could swap beautiful stories. =)

    1. Kim, I would have loved to meet her. She had such a wonderful imagination and loved nature!

  2. I went back to catch up on these posts. (I'm using a new computer for the first time today!) It would be hard to choose but I like your choice. I would choose an author too...maybe Laura Ingalls Wilder or the author of Anne if Green Gables. Hugs!

    1. Congratulations on your new computer, Diane! Laura Ingalls Wilder would be especially an interesting companion. I'd love to learn more about life during that time.

  3. HI! I just found you from visiting over at Karen's blog where she shared that beautiful card you made her. (Well done!)

    I am your newest follower, and hope to get to know you better as time goes by. I will read past posts - looks so interesting. But it is almost 1am here and my eyes are getting tired.

    Hope you are feeling better. I have been sick for over a week and I just don't want to BE sick anymore - hope yours goes fast. My sore throat turned into the nastiest cough I have had in years. Ugh. No singing in church choir lately, that's for sure. Hope you don't get a bad cough.

    Take care and God bless!

    1. Hi Michele. So nice to meet you. Thank you for commenting and following. I'll be on my way to visit you tonight. Blessings!


We all have our “good old days” tucked away inside our hearts, and we return to them in dreams like cats to favorite armchairs. ~ B. Carter