Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Celebrating National Mutt Day

Today is National Mutt Day! 

National Mutt Day was created to celebrate mixed breed dogs and bring attention to these dogs that most often end up in shelters. Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier, live longer and are just as loving as pure bred dogs.

My Lilah Rose is just such a mutt that has captured our hearts.  We rescued her from a shelter last fall and she is my joy and constant companion.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dark Clouds

The golden hour on Thursday was the calm before the storm. Friday morning, my back gave out. Ouch! This happens every couple of years. Thankfully, my doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant. Between the heating pad, Advil, and the medication, my pain was manageable.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Golden Hour

It is the golden hour when the puppies are somewhat resting. Winston lays underneath the recliner chair. Lilah usually is on my lap or laying next to the Mister.

Winston has been with us for a week now. He is doing pretty well. The animal shelter where we rescued him from called me on Monday and told me that a different puppy that was in the puppy room with Winston has Parvo. Parvo is a deadly highly contagious illness that puppies can get. I called my vet's office and she told me what to watch for. The incubation period is 3 - 15 days from exposure. All the puppies did get a Parvo vaccine when they are admitted in the shelter but these vaccines are not completely reliable.

Tuesday night, Winston vomited twice. Wed morning he had the runs. We called the vet and they said to bring him in. We took him in and within a few minutes all the power went out in the building. It was pretty dark in the waiting rooms so they kept the doors open. No windows in the little rooms. They did have a few crank lanterns and used their smartphone lights. Because Parvo is so contagious, we had to hold Winston the entire time we were at the office. Poor Winston was happy to be held.

The vet did the Parvo test and he tested negative for now but it could still be dormant for another week. She took his temperature and he had a fever. (Poor thing). They gave him some saline fluid by injecting it in his back muscle. He had a big lump on his back until the saline absorbed. She also prescribed antibiotics and a probiotic and a special rice/chicken diet.

He threw up twice more late last night. Today we took him back to vet to recheck his temperature. His fever had gone down. Because he'd vomited again last night the vet decided to do x-rays on his digestive track and his esophagus to see if everything was clear. It was. She gave him another saline injection bump and a shot of anti-nausea medication.

Thankfully, he is doing better today and I pray that he doesn't get Parvo. So far, he hasn't thrown up or had diarrhea today. I'm feeding him tiny meals of the chicken/rice every few hours. Besides the antibiotic, probiotic, he has a anti-nausea pill once a day.

Aside from all the (hopefully temporary) health issues, he is doing well. He is very sweet. He sleeps pretty well at night and mostly goes to the bathroom outside. He has made a few mistakes but he's only been here a week and hasn't felt well.

The good news is that the large Costco bed arrived!

So much room - for now!  It won't belong before Winston starts growing and growing and growing bigger.  Hopefully the bed will be just right.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Whispers of Nature

There are no sounds that can stir the sublime emotions... like the sighs and whispers of nature.
James Lendall Basford

I have been spending a lot of time outside with the puppies encouraging Winston to do his business not in the house but in the backyard. Lilah doesn't need any instruction but she accompanies us regardless.

Monday, July 23, 2018

A Rare Moment

I had hoped to post over the weekend but puppy boot camp has kept me very busy.  All the training has been going well but it is exhausting and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I wish I could bottle all the puppy energy.

A rare moment when they are both resting.

Winston and Lilah are fast asleep in Lilah's bed.  We ordered a large dog bed from Costco that hopefully will be delivered tomorrow.  Sleep tight sweet puppies!

Friday, July 20, 2018

A Surprise From the Vet and Celebrating National Ice Cream Sundae Day

Winston and Lilah are celebrating National Chew on Sticks Day/Month/Year.  They are so cute together.  Sometimes they each chew on the same stick - one on one end and the other on the other end of the stick.  Thankfully, there is no shortage of sticks.

This afternoon, Winston and I visited the vet.  Sadly, he cried the entire way to the vet's office (about 20 minutes).  He did not cry at all on the way home.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Celebrating the Nationals

Have you ever thought about celebrating the National _____ Days?  I think it would be so much fun to do.  I researched the web and discovered Foodimentary.  Foodimentary lists daily and monthly National celebrations.

July is chock full of celebrations!  For example, tomorrow is National Ice Cream Sundae Day.  This one is doable.  Today's not so much - National Daiquiri Day.

July is also National Hot Dog Month.  We don't eat hot dogs very often but we did on the Fourth.  And they were delicious.  Rather than eat more hot dogs this month.....

we decided to rescue another puppy.  Today!  It is hot outside so I think this may count as celebrating National Hot Dog Month.

We visited an animal shelter and brought home the sweetest little baby boy. He is 13 weeks old and some kind of terrier mix. He is smaller than Lilah at the moment but he has huge feet.  Most likely he will grow bigger, bigger, and BIGGER.

Not the best picture but they've been running around and it is hard to get a "still" shot.  He is mostly dark brown, light brown, and white.  He has long shaggy hair and soft green eyes.  We've named him Winston (for Winston Churchill).

Lilah and Winston have become fast friends.  I am hoping tonight goes well.

Are you celebrating any Nationals?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Embracing the Familiar

I honestly can’t remember when I stopped writing. I believe it was some time last February. This time away has been everything that I needed. I return rested, refreshed, and ready to write.