Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!  What a lovely three day weekend to relish the last bits of summer.  Technically, there are a few more weeks left but traditionally after Labor Day is when students return to school, one shouldn't wear white sandals, and so on. As a homeschooling mom, our schooling schedule was different and does anyone really care what color sandals anyone wears?


It's a lovely weekend to spend with family and friends and go shopping for those last minute school supplies, shoes, and clothing.


  1. Gina, the journals are exquisite. Would it be possible to have a little more information? I'm not sure if they are covered in fabric, for example, or if it is very beautiful paperstock.

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. I fixed the description with more information. They are covered with beautiful paper stock, ribbon, and lace. I sent you an email to the email address listed in your Blogger profile.

  3. How wonderful to open you Gentlework by Gina shop! Your creativity is amazing, Gina!

  4. Best wishes on your cute store Gina! School starts here in Georgia today so I have enjoyed seeing more back to school photos!