Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Prayer Request

These last few weeks have been challenging.  Aside from still being sick, now there is something wrong with Lilah Rose.  Last night, her little face started swelling up.  Not her muzzle but her cheeks and around her eyes.  We gave her a Benadryl in hopes that this would counteract whatever was bothering her.  Our last dog, Little Bear, had skin allergies and the vet would advise us to give her one of the 25mg Benadryl tablets daily (up to 3x a day) as needed.

We gave Lilah Rose (who actually weighs more than Little Bear did) one 25 mg tablet around 8 pm.  She settled down and it looked like it would make her sleepy.  She went to bed at 9 and all seemed fine.  She had a restless night but that is not that unusual.  She did really wake up around 3:30 and her swelling had gone down quite a bit.  She acted like she was very uncomfortable so I gave her another Benadryl 25mg around 3:45 am (almost 8 hours since she had the 1st dose).  This time, she didn't get sleepy.  She was bouncing off the walls.  Finally she settled down for an hour or so around 6 am.

Since then, she's been vomiting and acting very strange.  I called the vet and the earliest they could see her was at 2:15 this afternoon.  I don't know what made her face swell up.  She didn't eat anything outside that I saw.  She was on the back porch for a while by herself while I was baking.  She could have tried to eat a wasp if one had gotten in the porch.  I just don't know.  I don't know if she is still having a reaction to what that was or a possible reaction to the Benadryl??

I hope the vet will know what to do.  If you have a moment, would you please pray for her?  I will let you know what the vet said.


  1. Hope you find out what is wrong with Miss Lilah Rose.

  2. Oh gosh, I am so sorry.
    Hopefully, once the vet sees her, he will know the thing to do to help her.
    Sending prayers of comfort your way.


  3. I hope the vet figures out what's wrong. Hang in there my friend! Sending lots of hugs, Diane

  4. I am late seeing this but I surely hope the vet was able to help her and she is feeling much better now

  5. I am so blessed by you sweet lady praying. Thank you so very much!


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