Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Thank You for Praying - Lilah Rose

Dearest ladies,

Thank you so much for praying for Lilah Rose.  She is doing better today. She is taking anti-nausea medicine, antibiotics, and steroids for the next 10 days or so.

The veterinarian wasn't sure what happened with her.  She did blood work, gave her subcutaneous fluid (like an IV but it is under her skin rather in her vein), gave her anti-nausea shot, and a strong steroid shot. Poor baby.  She had a fever of 104 which went down after the subcu fluid.  As I mentioned, she is on all the above meds plus a very small but frequent diet as she is able to tolerate it.

The vet said she is sure that it was not a reaction to the benadryl.  I was worried that the dose was too high but she said that I could actually give her more.  I haven't given her any more.

I have my suspicions what may have caused this.  After researching online, this newest vaccine Leptospirosis (lepto for short) may have contributed or caused Lilah's illness/reaction.  It is a new dog vaccine supposed to prevent Leptospirosis. Lepto is caused by a bacteria spread through soil, water, and the urine of infected animals especially wildlife. Because we live in the woods and have so many deer etc, the vet told me it was necessary.

The vaccine comes in two doses.  The second dose is given about two weeks after the first dose.  Lilah had her first dose a few days before we boarded her for the weekend to visit South Carolina.  She became ill at the boarding place (they did not tell me - she isn't going back there!) and when we returned, I took her to the vet and she had blood work done, X-rays, subcutaneous fluid, etc because she had a fever, vomiting etc. Her fever then was 103.5. Her fever went down and she was okay after about a week.  The vet told us at that time she was most likely sick from something at the boarding place.

Two weeks rolled around and she had her second part of the vaccine this last Friday afternoon.  By Saturday, she wasn't eating much, Sunday, she ate a little and threw up, Monday was when the face swelling, lethargic then erratic behavior, tremors etc.

Needless to say, Lilah won't be ever having the Lepto vaccine again. (Supposed to be given yearly). Um no.

All that being said, I am thankful she is a little better and I hope she continues to improve.  Lots of people online have written about the adverse reactions to the vaccine.  Some of their dogs improved on steroids but then when the steroids stopped, the dogs got sick again.  I'm trying not to worry about that.

It's been a trying time.  I am still coughing and woke up with pink eye. Oh bother!  My daughter says it is just viral and should go away without medication.  I had high hopes of going to the Ladies Bible Study tomorrow (and potluck) but I don't think I will be able to.  I'm slightly discouraged but keeping my one good eye on God and trusting Him.

I had hopes also to write on my journey of faith but with all that is happening, I haven't been able to.  Thank you again for praying. xo


  1. Hope she continues to get better Gina.

  2. Good to hear she has gotten some relief, I pray that she will soon get better and after taking the medicine she will be ok. I hope you will be feeling much better soon also!

  3. Glad to hear she is doing a bit better, Gina! Hope your pinkeye passes quickly. That can be such a nuisance!

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear this, Gina! You must be so stressed and worried! I'll send prayers for sweet Lila Rose and a hug for you. xo Karen

  5. Thank you ladies. Lilah Rose is doing a little better today. She gobbled up her medicines (I hid them in her special canned meat). And she ate a little kibble too.

    I'm slightly better. Still pink and coughing but I did sleep well.


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