Friday, January 25, 2019

What Are Your House Must Haves?

Though care and trouble may be mine,
As down life's path I roam,
I'll heed them not while still I have
A world of love at home.
~J.J. Reynolds, 
"A World of Love at Home," in The New Monthly Belle Assemblée, October 1844

For months, I have been looking at houses on various realty websites.  I know where the general area that we want to live is.  I've spoken and exchanged emails with the realtor in New Jersey.  Now for the next step!

We will be visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren in February as well as looking at houses.  We are comprising a list of house must haves.

Location is our #1 house must have.

Not sharing a driveway is another must have.  Actually some houses have side by side driveways which look like one driveway.  I can imagine all sorts of issues when it came to shoveling snow etc.

A dry basement is a must have.

A good roof is a must have.

Hmm, I can't think of any more must haves.

If you were buying a new house, what would your house must haves be?


  1. My "must have" list would be very similar to yours along with curb appeal. :) I will be praying for you and your hubby as you look at some homes next month.

    1. Curb appeal would be sweet, Dianna! The town that we are hoping to live at is fairly old (some pre revolutionary war homes). Lots of trees - Maples!

  2. Gina, when we moved here we wanted a house that was on a paved road. Many of the houses we first looked at were on dirt roads that in monsoon season would be flood or be very muddy.
    Anyway before we moved to AZ we each made a list of things we wanted in a house.

    The girls wanted their own room- check
    We wanted at least two full baths- check
    I wanted a kitchen with plenty of counter space- check
    I wanted a laundry room-check
    Tim wanted a space to put a small above ground pool- check
    Since were we moving to Arizona we definitely wanted a house with air conditioning- check
    But we're we live it doesn't get nearly as hot as Phoenix and we get snow.
    So those are the things we wanted in a house.

    1. Regina, oh a paved road is a must. I forgot about lots of counter space in the kitchen. MUST have!

  3. For me I *must* have good light/windows. If it's too dark, I can get gloomy and down. Others, if an older house - electrical up to date, any lead (paint etc) or mold or asbestos issues and remediation fully documented and finished with proper paperwork for inspections. My Husband wanted a garage and move-in-ready (his first house had a lot of work done to it and he did not want to go through the stress of that again!). A good inspector to find any issues. At least where we live, NJ new construction is not that great, sadly. Just slap-them-up-fast and sell them. I pray that your trip goes well and also that your dear L-R is doing better now that she is back home with you ... a big HUG!

    1. Elizabeth, I love the must have windows. Definitely! And we will make certain we get a good inspector to check it all out! Hugs!!

  4. If I were to move again, I would want a house all on one level. So much easier.

  5. Basement and roof, as you said, and a floorplan you love or at least can work with. It sounds very exciting!

    1. Jeanie, I think I can work with pretty much everything if it is in working order!

  6. wishing you all the best as you go looking. My must haves would be a fenced in backyard for dog, All one level so that when I get older there is less chance of falling with no stairs. Garage is nice so you don't have to clean off a car in the winter time.

    1. Connie, I agree with your list. It's funny though when we lived in NJ - no one I know parked their cars in the garage including us!


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